General questions

Q: What is GlitterFly?

R: GlitterFly is a website that helps you to easily add glitter and text to your images and share them with your friends!

Q: Is it free to use this website?

R: Yes, it's absolutely free.

Q: How can I add glitter and text to my images?

R: Using GlitterFly is as easy as 1-2-3! 1. Upload or choose en image. 2. Add glitter and write text. 3. Save your image and share it with your friends.

Q: How many images can I customize?

R: There is currently no limit to the number of images you can customize.

Q: How long will my image be hosted for?

R: There is currently no time limit.


Q: I'd like to use this website but it doesn't work! What do I need in order to use this website?

R: You must have Flash Player so that the application can be displayed properly. Click on the following link if you want to install Flash Player:

Q: I can't upload my image, it doesn't work!

R: Check that the size of the image you want to upload is less than 1 Mb. If it's still doesn't want to work we suggest you to restart your browser and empty its cache.